People are everything. As we move into an era where social responsibility becomes paramount. Consumers are turning away from companies who place profits above humanity. Customers start looking to competitors of businesses that do not contribute to making the world a better place, give back and act responsibly.

Nothing has brought this into clearer focus more than the Covid pandemic and its impact on the world. Jobs have changed, industries have changed, habits, systems and cultures have changed. What people look for in their work environment has changed. Security no longer means a paycheck and a medical. People want to enjoy what they do, find not just security but also fulfilment in their occupations, and above all work for companies that are successful because their employees are happy. People want to work for companies that are open and adaptable enough to be able to pivot in an ever changing world without the employees becoming the casualties of change.

Group of us

Our Departments



Team consisting of designers and copywriters plus group managers and a head of marketing.

What does a designer do? Designers develop ideas and create all the art and visual elements of all marketing material, from emails, to printed pamphlets, website pages, mini games, website imagery and more.

What does a copywriter do? Copywriters develop campaigns, write all the wording and need to organise the mechanics that go along with promotions and campaigns as well as keep websites and promotional material up to date.

Mailing Team

Mailing Team

The company sends up to 2 million emails a day sent based on data crunched metrics and variables. Each email can go to a variety of different audiences and some to the same audiences if the emails have different functions such as being informative, account related, marketing material, etc.

Call Center

Call Centre

The sales centre keep the customers happy with 24/7 livechat, email and phone assistance. These guys keep things running almost on a minute by minute basis. They keep the customers engaged and give that extra push when needed.

They are the hands on guys, the front-facing part of the company who deal directly with consumers and usually the first responders when something goes wrong and let the relevant department know.

The team is broken down into trainers, VIP hosts, supervisors, mailing specialists, and more.


Responsible for all the heavy lifting behind the scenes as far as website functionality goes. They identify advancements to be made and implement them as well as keep the sites running and functional, updated and just about anything else to do with the development side of things. The company has a full complement of developers, each with a specialization in a particular field. The dev guys conjure up spells to make things happen using fantastical languages such as php, javascript and others.


When there’s something strange, who you gonna call? These guys can do things with computers that would scare mere mortals. They speak a language all their own. Some say they are magicians. All we know is, nothing would happen in the tech world without these guys making keyboards work and a whole lot of other magical stuff.